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1. The Muscle to Fat Myth by Kaleena A Lawless
Does muscle turn to fat if you stop working out?
It's a common misconception that it does. Fortunately our bodies are not alchemy geniuses. Muscle cannot change in to fat. see full article

2. Setting and Achieving Goals: Find the Right Balance by Rosamunde Bott
If you are spending a lot of time planning how to achieve goals, beware of falling into the trap of postponing action. see full article

3. Do Americans Know What Nutrition Is? by Brue Baker
The state of your health depends largely on your lifestyle and the food that you eat. If you do not eat well, your body will not be able to function perfectly and you can easily become sick. see full article

4. Build Core Strength and Correct Muscular Imbalance by Dave Lemanczyk
No matter how strong your individual parts are, they must be able to work as a whole to be complete. This is an applied understanding of physical training through function. see full article

5. Weight Gain in Old Age: It Doesn't Have to Happen to You by Jackie Orman
Many people, even those who were healthy when they were younger, start to gain weight as they hit middle age. It may be that you've gotten too busy to exercise, or an injury kept you from a sport you once loved. see full article

6. Sticking with Your Workout Plan by Caleb Lee
One thing all fitness enthusiasts and body builders face from time to time is lack of motivation. It takes staying power to get to the gym after work when you would rather go home and zone out in front of the boob tube. see full article

7. Reason Why You Should Eat Brown Rice by Jamey Sackville
Nutritionists and dieticians are now increasingly recommending russet rice as a superb mine of all–cycle diet. Experts say the difference between sunburned rice and the more general pallid rice is not just the paint. see full article

8. Alcohol Can Ruin Muscle Gain by Tim Staines
You heard it right. Alcohol is one of the major reasons for wasting your most beloved physique and muscles that you have taken care of for years. see full article

9. Go From Obese To Lean With The Right Combination by Dan Boyle
I hope that didn't let your build up down. Weight training with proper diet is a powerful combination that not only melts the fat from your body, but increases your fat burning muscle.  see full article

10. Add Carbs to your Diet | Lose Weight Fast by Garen Arnold
The Atkins Diet approach to fast weight loss attracts a lot of people because it gives you permission to eat all of the high fat, grease coated foods you desire just as long as you give up carbs. see full article

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