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1. Alcohol and Insomnia - A Bad Combination by Ryan English
When you have insomnia, you already have a problem. You need deep sleep, the kind that lasts for more than five hours, the kind you wake up from feeling well-rested; not grumpy, not dehydrated. see full article

2. Stretching Exercises and Activities by Prabakar
Walking is the core activity in most exercise plans for older adults. It is, by far, the most common and popular form of physical activity for older adults. see full article

3. Kettlebells Vs Dumbbells - The Difference Between a Good Workout and a Great Workout by Stephanie Hofstetler
Over the past few years, kettlebells have grown in popularity as an effective means of strength development and conditioning. At first glance they have a lot of similarities with dumbbells, but the main difference lies in how the equipment is used. see full article

4. Eating Disorders by Dr.Badruddin Khan
Eating disorders are psychological conditions that involve overeating, voluntary starvation, or both. see full article

5. School Cafeteria - A Breeding Ground For Lifestyle Diseases by Himani Gupta
Tempting pizzas, mouthwatering burgers, colas and wafers seems to have engulfed every age, every race and the newest entrants are children. see full article

6. Healthy Meal Plans - What to Look For With Healthy Meal Plans by Roger Ruzzier
If you are looking for healthy meal plans then it's obvious that you are either wanting to lose weight and/or to maintain and build a better body. see full article

7. Is There an Ideal Time of Day to Exercise? by Robert Saladino
Experts in the field of neurology have been saying for years that the best time to exercise might be late afternoon. see full article

8. How to Make a Goal Book for Maximum Goal Achievment by Bobby Rio
Several years ago I discovered the magic of goal setting. Yes, I said magic, and it is, indeed, magic. see full article

9. Five Tips For Dining Out by Kaleena A Lawless
It's absolutely the worst when you have been eating healthy over the course of the week and then suddenly, you are asked out to dinner. see full article

10. Exercise- How to Stay Motivated by Lyla Feldman
Motivation is the first step in successful weight loss. Losing weight can sometimes be discouraging and lengthy, that is why it is important to keep yourself on track. see full article

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