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1. This One Addition to Your Workout Can Make a Big Impact by Craig Clemmings
Do you find yourself having a hard time reaching your weight loss goals? If you're like a lot of people, losing weight and getting in better shape is a lot harder than you might think. Finding the motivation you need to succeed does not have to be as hard as you think.  see full article

2. 3 Top Methods for Fitness Motivation by Marley Martinerin
In most cases, people take actions because they're looking to personally gain from them in some manner. Starting an exercise program is one such activity that you do to help yourself.  see full article

3. It's Never Too Late to Start by Jacob Mabille
With nearly a quarter of all health club membership being held by people fifty–five and above, the fitness industry is looking at new ways to cater to these baby boomers.  see full article

4. 10 Tips to Keep You Motivated While Building Muscle by Veso Mitev
When we get to the gym with new program we are all pumped up with enthusiasm. Few weeks later this magical motivation tends to slip away and we struggle to keep to our goals.  see full article

5. Missing Workouts Leads to Dropping Out by Carolyn Hansen
Sometimes we go through life stumbling along the road of good intentions. We intend to begin an exercise program or we intend to get in that workout today. But intentions alone are not enough to get the job done. We know the importance of a proper exercise program and are aware of the many health benefits that will enhance our life.  see full article

6. The Meaning of Food Cravings by Claudia Ohst
Food cravings are one of the most important reasons, that people fail with their diet program. We all have experienced cravings for our most favorite foods when being on diet, but have you also asked yourself what the meaning of food cravings actually could be?  see full article

7. Fit and Fabulous and I'll Start Tomorrow by Karen Connell
We know physical exercise benefits us in many ways. Yet, we are still searching for a very good reason to begin and then even more reasons to continue.  see full article

8. How To Stay Motivated To Reach Your Fitness Goals by Tim Ryan
Perhaps you have been through this type of thing before where by you have decided to improve your health and fitness and in the beginning you felt really motivated. Perhaps you saw an inspirational movie that caused you to take action, maybe a friend of yours you hadn't seen for a long time showed up having lost a heap of weight or having piled on muscle mass or maybe you are just sick of feeling lethargic and overweight. Whatever the initial stimulus was, you began exercising and then continued to exercise for a while.  see full article

9. Is a Healthy Food Option Sabotaging Your Diet? by Kirsten Whittaker
Wondering why the weight isn't coming off? Consider this – you might be unknowingly interfering with your goal, even if your resolve to shed those extra pounds is rock solid. This according to new research just seeing a healthy food option on a menu actually tempts you to chose a fattening food instead.  see full article

10. Do Not Let Them Sabotage Your Weight Loss Program by Scott Siegrist
In most situations, you really want and need support from family and friends when starting your weight loss program to help you lose your fat. But as we all know, there is always some negative gremlin out there, set to suck the life blood right out of you. You need to be aware of these saboteurs and steer clear of them or at least, pay no attention to them.  see full article

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