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11. 3 Top Methods for Fitness Motivation by Marley Martinerin
In most cases, people take actions because they're looking to personally gain from them in some manner. Starting an exercise program is one such activity that you do to help yourself.  see full article

12. It's Never Too Late to Start by Jacob Mabille
With nearly a quarter of all health club membership being held by people fifty–five and above, the fitness industry is looking at new ways to cater to these baby boomers.  see full article

13. Should You Juice, Or Should You Blend? The Case For Whole Fruits And Vegetables by Kristin Alexander
Should you go to all the trouble to juice your fruits and vegetables? Have you ever considered what's being thrown away in the pulp? Save that fiber, and vitamins and blend!  see full article

14. Why Are You Fatigued? by Sarah Labdar
Fatigue is a common symptom that everyone experiences at some point in his or her life. About 20% of Americans experience fatigue daily that interferes with their daily life. More and more people are presenting in the hospitals, at their doctors office and in walk in clinics with fatigue as their main symptom.  see full article

15. How to Warm Up and Cool Down by Susan Murphy
Have you ever been so excited to start a workout that you forgot to warm up first? You are not alone – one of the most common mistakes made in exercising is to skip the beginning stretching routine.  see full article

16. The Misconceptions in Muscle Building by Nick Clipton
Whether you are new to the muscle building scene or a seasoned body builder, you have heard all the advice on how to go about it. Almost everyone has an opinion, but let us dissect the myths in body building so that we would be well informed and will keep us on the right track.  see full article

17. Bodybuilding Diet: Eating Right for Muscle Building by Anthony Red
Bodybuilding isnt all about spending hours at the gym lifting weights. Did you know that diet is also an important factor in muscle building? In fact, a good bodybuilding diet is crucial for muscle building success.  see full article

18. Vertical Jumping by Pete Jorgensen
Vertical jumping requires a lot of effort from many muscle groups and parts of your body to make it all happen. Flexibility training is one of those pieces that helps strengthens your muscles, tendons as well as the ligaments for the lower part of your body.  see full article

19. The Nutrition of Red Pepper and Green Pepper by Chenxia Wang
Both of red pepper and green pepper are very common in our daily diet. They contain carotene and carotenoids, which are beneficial to the human body. Carotene and carotenoids can be transformed into vitamin A in the human body, which is very effective to enhance people's vision and prevent night blindness.  see full article

20. Bodybuilding Exercise Tips by Mathew Leo
In Sean Nalewanyj's program Muscle Gain Truth the subject of muscle building has been made very easy to understand for just about anyone.  see full article

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