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21. Rest Gives You Bigger Muscles by Steve Levy
Want bigger muscles? Have you been working consistently trying to increase your muscle mass only to experience slow or small results? The problem may have very little to do with your work out and a whole lot more to do with resting.  see full article

22. Could Eating Berries Lower Parkinson's Risk? by Dr. Victor Machione
Medical science has long understood that berries are healing foods, with nearly unparalleled concentrations of nutritional value in their tiny, round bodies. Well, here is a new piece of evidence about these healing foods that come in so many flavors and colors.  see full article

23. The Role of Antioxidants in the Human Body by Anthony Sims
When it comes to your personal healthy, what exactly is the role of antioxidants? Basically, antioxidants counter the negative effects of free radicals that come to us through pollution, chemicals, sun light and – especially – unhealthy food.  see full article

24. Fitness Training – How Do Your Muscles Feel? by Andrew Poletto
For the people that have never worked out and decided to start, they don't know what they are in for! But, I will give some indication as to what to be ready for. Whether you're in it to gain muscle or to get toned, you have to realize how your muscles will feel when you start working out.  see full article

25. 4 Reasons Why People Don't Eat Breakfast by Kevin Korver
Most people know why breakfast is the most noteworthy meal, though they at all times locate a method to skip it. There are many frequent excuses to justify why they don’t eat breakfast. The subsequent are an amount of the most widespread ones, and proof of why they're all just excuses.  see full article

26. Warm Ups Before Muscle Building Work Outs by Bud Truman
You have chosen your Muscle Building Program and your enthusiasm is soaring. You feel the time is right to start to build your new body and the anticipation of a new you is incredibly exciting. It is so easy, at this point, to blast into your routine at a far higher level than you should.  see full article

27. Paleo Diet: Problems with a Pre–Agricultural Diet by Dave Larson
The Paleo Diet or Paleolithic Diet is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. This controversial diet regimen advocates eating only foods that would have been available before the advent of agriculture, some 10,000 years ago or so.  see full article

28. Fast Food Statistics – Find Out What You Get With 4 Nuggets And 10 Fries by Kerry Schroeder
Fast food statistics tell us that these foods are incredibly high in calories, that they're easy to over consume and that reducing our intake is one of the simplest and easiest ways to lose weight.  see full article

29. Weight Training Plateau: Tips To Break Through Your Weight Training Plateau by Steven Tyrie
If you have been training for a while then you will more than likely have come across a weight training plateau. No matter how much you lift, or how often you go to the gym, you just don't seem to be getting results. When you get to this point, then you know that you have hit your plateau.  see full article

30. 15 Thoughts, Rants and Ramblings on Training and Life by Dave Coffin
Humans are physically capable of more than they think... a lot more. Attitude is everything.  see full article

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