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Fast Food Statistics - Find Out What You Get With 4 Nuggets And 10 Fries
By Kerry Schroeder

Fast food statistics tell us that these foods are incredibly high in calories, that they\'re easy to over consume and that reducing our intake is one of the simplest and easiest ways to lose weight.

I already knew this, my own research into fast food statistics confirmed these facts. But I can honestly say that I hadn\'t fully comprehended just how easy it is to over consume these foods, until I did a little test.

Firstly, since I quite enjoy chicken nuggets, and find fries both delectable and addictive, I decided to use these in my test, and went about researching the energy (calorie) content.

While not into calorie counting as a losing weight strategy, calories can be valuable in comparing the energy supplied by what you are eating.

Then I looked into what was the generally accepted amount of energy (number of calories) I should be consuming at a lunch meal.

Fast Food Statistics Related To My Test

  1. A small fries and 6 nuggets = 530 calories.
  2. An active average size man should eat around 550 calories for lunch to maintain (not lose anything, just maintain) his weight! Yes, that\'s a MAN.
  3. That means that a small fries and 6 chicken nuggets, which is a kids meal minus the drink, is all an average man needs to eat for lunch.
  4. I am neither average, nor a man, so for me, female, five foot plus-a-very-little, and only rarely active, I only need to eat about 350 calories in a meal, that\'s about 4 nuggets and about 10 fries.

Four nuggets and 10 fries! You have got to be joking!

That\'s it. Those four tiny little pieces of chicken wrapped in coating and just 10 fries contain enough calories, enough energy, for my entire lunch!

It might not be so bad if I thought that 4 nuggets and 10 fries would satisfy my hunger, but it won\'t.

That was the next part of the test. I bought 4 nuggets and a small fries. I counted out 10 fries and gave the rest to my children, who fell over them like a pack of starving hyenas.

I ate my lunch in 20 seconds flat, and as we know, the high fat and salt content leaves you craving more. It did... I wanted more fries... lots more fries, nuggets too if I\'m honest.

I was asleep on the couch by mid afternoon, no energy at all, with my stomach screaming at me.

There are three groups of fast food statistics that we read about all the time.

The first group outlines the increase in the size of meals at many chain restaurants, and how this upsizing has us consuming copious amounts of energy that we don\'t need.

The second group, gives us details on how often we\'re eating these foods. As evidenced by the continual opening of more and more of the chain restaurants, worldwide, we are eating there more often than ever before.

The third set of statistics that we read about all the time are the ones about how cutting back on these foods is the easiest and simplest way to losing weight.

My thoughts on number 1 - the numbers are correct, you can\'t upsize, in fact you can\'t even eat a \'meal deal\' without consuming hundreds of calories above what your body needs. It\'s 4 nuggets and 10 fries my friends.

My thoughts on number 2 - want to lose weight - find a new place to eat, with a different menu, unless of course you\'re satisfied with 4 nuggets, 10 fries, a growling stomach and no energy. More isn\'t always better, and in this case more is downright disastrous.

My thoughts on number 3 - definitely one of the easiest ways to lose weight. The energy content of these foods is so high, that simply removing half of what you normally eat from your diet will have you eating hundreds of calories less.

Looking at those 4 tiny nuggets and those 10 skinny, salt-covered fries, I realised just how detrimental these foods are to our waistlines, and just how simple it is to cut huge numbers of calories from our diets, and lose weight, by reducing our intake.

Kerry Schroeder created and knows what it takes to lose weight and keep it off for the long term - even through motherhood! Learn more fast food statistics and how to effectively use the drive thru.

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