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Warm Ups Before Muscle Building Work Outs by Bud Truman

You have chosen your Muscle Building Program and your enthusiasm is soaring. You feel the time is right to start to build your new body and the anticipation of a new you is incredibly exciting. It is so easy, at this point, to blast into your routine at a far higher level than you should. Even worse, you go straight into the tough stuff without gently warming up.

Your muscles are like elastic. Take a thick elastic band when it is cold and try to stretch it. Not very stretchy, is it? Then warm it in your hands, gently stretching and releasing slightly all the time. As it warms you will find it far more easy to stretch and its elasticity much more supple. This is just how your muscles react. You need to prepare them for the work you will be asking of them, or risk injury.

This means not pushing too far at the start and gradually stretching until you feel you can easily meet your reach capacity. When you are at this point, and not before, you can then start your Muscle Building routine.

I’m sure if you are following an approved Muscle Building Program it will not encourage you to do more than you should, but just be aware of a few rules. Do not overdo it. Know your strengths and weakness. What one person can lift, another of the same stature cannot. If you are not able to perform 8 repetitions, the weights you are trying to lift are too heavy. Reduce the weights when you do your next routine and build from there.

A vital rule is always take rest days inbetween your hard work-outs. Without allowing your muscles to recover, they will just waste and not build into the strong toned body you are striving for. During hard exercise your muscles become damaged from the exertion and it is only during rest that they are able to repair. This is why it is essential to spread your work and rest days evenly, with no more than 3 hard sessions during the week.

Compare the most popular Muscle Building Programs that are available by Clicking Here and make an informed decision on which one will be best for you. I wish you success.

Article Source: Warm Ups Before Muscle Building Work Outs


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